Sunday, June 9, 2013

managed without a man this morning...

For the past couple of days we've had a tiny little mouse making a nuisance of himself in cabinets and drawers.  Sooo, I trapped him - "trapped" not "killed" because he somehow managed to crawl off with the trap still attached to him.  Therefore, I had to crawl up into the cabinet armed with a flashlight, wooden spoon and hotdog tongs and wait for him to flop close enough to get ahold of him.  Most unpleasant, but Blondie won :) Had to take a Xanax and throw away my hotdog tongs, but we are once again mouse-free :)

"Dude, stay away.  She's got hotdog tongs."

Monday, January 21, 2013

no school mornings

LOVE no school mornings....

- no alarm clock
- time to snuggle with my boys instead of rushing them out of bed
- time for cinnamon rolls for breakfast
- eating breakfast with sunlight streaming through the windows instead of pitch black darkness
- spending extra time in pajamas while having a second cup of coffee
- no arguing over school clothes... in fact, "wear whatever you want"
- no arguing over teeth brushing... just, "brush your teeth.. sometime before lunch"
- no dragging backpacks and lunch boxes out to a cold car
- no fussing and fighting in the car
- no dropping the kids off at the curb, and then feeling guilty there was so much fussing and fighting in the car

this way we get to fuss and fight all day long, lol (but hopefully not)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Morgan!!!

My baby boy turns 6 today... Just started kindergarten and loving it so far :) Our family has had a rough year, but we are happy and well-adjusted to our new life, and all in all doing great!

He's all about cake and presents and so excited - party at Dad's house, party at school, party at Mom's house - to quote Morg he's "the luckiest kid in the world".

I'm constantly second guessing my decisions and the path I've chosen for us. Constantly feeling guily that my boys have a "broken home", but to them all it means is they get TWO birthday parties - what could be better?? They're happy, which makes me happy :)




Friday, July 13, 2012

Table for 3

We've been a family of 3 for almost a year now.  Usually doesn't even seem like it.  My family is very close and we are always around others, either my parents or my brother's family - we do almost everything together.  Tonight was different... It ended up with just the boys and me going out for supper.  It was different, but good...  And just the way it was meant to be - the 3 of us, me and my boys :) 

All on ONE side of a booth...  Because how else are you going to decide who sits next to mama? ;)  Thank goodness IHOP has big booths :)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Wyatt!

My sweet Wyatt is 9 years old today!  And, he's not home with me...  It's his weekend to be at his dad's house.  Not being with him on this special day hurts worse than giving birth with no epidural :(  Nine years ago I never would have dreamed we would have a broken home and I wouldn't be with him on his birthday.  But... I know he's having a fun time and I know our family is better off.  Already talked to him this morning and today being his "actual" birthday doesn't even mean that much to him.  He's a kid - all he's worried about is presents and cake :)

Kinda thought I might spend the day in tears, but surprisingly (and happily) not.  Even looked through his baby book last night without crying :)  As each day passes, I'm more sure that the right decision has been made and we are all happier.  Makes life much easier for a mama :)

Happy Birthday Wyatt!  Mommy loves you with all her heart! :)


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentines 2012

Gotta say I think Valentines is a slightly dumb holiday, even for couples.  Then again, I'm having flashbacks to the year I got a mattress cover for a gift, which was slightly worse than the year I got no gift.  But...  THIS year I got THESE :)  Granted, I sat them down at the table with "ok boys, mama saw this on Pinterest and ya'll are gonna make it for me", but they had fun, I got a Valentine, and everyone was happy :)


Morgan, 5 yrs old, did the writing ALL BY HIMSELF - so proud! :)


My Sweet Wyatt, almost 9 yrs old

And then... We made cookies! Because really, once you've let your kids cover their hands in red paint, why not go all the way into the land of insanity?

p.s. Remember... if you are in a relationship, nothing says "I Love You" like a new mattress cover - it's what every girl dreams of ;)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

the things mamas do for their boys...

This past weekend, I found myself at Monster Truck Jam with my boys, my sister-in-law and my nephew.  Never thought I'd end up at such a place but thought the boys would enjoy it, so there we went.  Gotta say, I think my sister-in-law and I actually enjoyed it more than they did.  They liked it but lost interest about halfway through...

it was LOUD


"Ok, that was fun, but I've had enough now." :)